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Parade Falchion 

  • Dated: partly circa 1600
  • Measurements: overall length 77.5 cm; blade length 62.8 cm

Made in the Milanese style, the sword features a heavy blade struck with three spurious marks at the ricasso. The iron hilt, including vertically recurved fluted quillons cast in relief, comes with the tips formed as Turk’s heads, chiselled moulded fluted iron grip, and fitted with a Moor’s head pommel. The latter is finely chiselled, featuring a diadem and elaborately plaited hairpiece, the details picked-out in gold damascening (originally gem-set about the basal collar). 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Hermann Historica

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omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did

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I heard that you're getting ready to leave. I hope everything goes well for you, and I'll be excited for when you get back. So, until then, see you 'round.



Right, I think I should elaborate on that.

Guys, I’m going on an LDS mission to Peru the 29th of this month. I’ll be gone for two years, trying to give people different perspectives of my religious beliefs. It’s an extremely important chapter in my life, because, aside from wanting to be an animator, going on a mission was the only for-absolutely-sure thing I wanted to do in my life. I hope to gain and share a lot in this personal journey.

In the meantime, commissions are closed, and Machine is on hiatus, along with any animations, musical projects and playthroughs. dipschtick is in charge of the Junk Planet blog until I return, and will be releasing our collaborative comic page by page in due time. I’m also trying to stock up on drawings and whatnot so my art blog can still run for at least a few weeks after I’m gone.

I want to thank my very good friends nine-doodles queerleaderr bladerabbit okamimiart wimauxiliatrix bayfyre sapphireliz inanysituation jaysblogandstuff leafdoodles and my other skype and tumblr regulars for their support, cuz they’re pretty awesome people who I feel have influenced me for the better.

And thank you guys for following me in the first place. Wish me luck, and see you in Piura.


Q m Q I’m trying not to cry aghh I’m going to miss fluffy birdy butt brig, I hope you have a great time brig waaa

Good luck, friend! I look forward to your return! I’m gonna miss you.