Hi, you'll find swords, bunnies, my art, and my comic on this blog.
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You have two options when you’re looking for an apartment in the French Quarter

I’ll take haunted, I don’t care, I’ll punch a ghost. I’ll punch ten ghosts. I’ll punch fifty ghosts. I’ll punch every single ghost in this country. I’ll punch every ghost in the world. And when I die, I’ll punch my own ghost.

slow down there danny phantom

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I'LL PARTY QUEST WITH YOU ANY DAY just gimme a class sir!







Party member get!

Swordster class focuses on slashing damage and offencive abilities but can only pull off slashing damage.

Elemental-Blade focuses on exploiting the enemies elemental weakness at close range.

Dear god we have no healing or AOE.


Sorry I was bored |3

holy tits :0

this is sweet, dude. Your pixels are awesome.



SAMANATOR- An adept at using technology to his advantage, the Samanator is a powerhouse of the Bun Class. Using his mighty Cannon, he can send numerous foes barreling to their untimely deaths, however the ammo is quite limited, and it is quite heavy. Using his backup, the Power Gauntlets, he is able to swing the large Turret around as if it were light as a feather, however the Gauntlets do not offer an sort of AoE, but high damage to a single target. Without his Cannon, he also loses his only ranged attack, making him turn from a Ranger into a Brawler, forcing him to use close quarters combat. The Samanator isn’t known for his Stamina either, he can easily tire himself out if he overexerts himself too much, causing him to become too fatigued to fight for a few moments. Despite the liable range, the fatigue, and the lack of speed, the Samanator offers heavy-hitting Area attacks aswell as high-damage burst moves with his Gauntlets.

the party grows

is he not wearing pants? That is a more accurate rabbit then BRabbit is lol


I had to leave for a bit so I hope I didn’t miss any other additions to the party :T 
4 is a good number for a party, but 5 would be even better, where is the healer?